Practice Your Data Analysis Skills!

In this exercise, we present you with a realistic dataset for nest parasitism and a hypothetical analysis performed by a hypothetical student. Using a “rubric” or assessment guide, students will evaluate the analysis, and, where necessary, correct it or improve it. In the process, students will review and reflect on what is required for good data analysis, and they can use that knowledge to improve their own skills.

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Theme: Communicating and Teaching Science

Language: English

Region: North America

Keywords: data analysis, fragmentation, assessment

Components: 4

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Exercise: Practice Your Data Analysis Skills!

Author: A. Bravo, A. Porzecanski



Presentation: Rubrics 101: Data Analysis

Author: A. Bravo, A. Porzecanski

Teaching Notes: Content and Confidence Assessments for Data Analysis Exercises

Author: A. Bravo, A. Porzecanski, E. Sterling, N. Bynum, M. Cawthorn, D. Fernandez, L. Freeman, S. Ketcham, T. Leslie, J. Mull, D. Vogler

Solutions: Practice Your Data Analysis Skills!

Author: A. Bravo, A. Porzecanski