Marine Conservation Policy

The world’s oceans cover more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface and boast great biological diversity and rich resources, many of which are valuable for human society. Our footprint on the oceans is growing as expanding populations demand more resources and technology makes it ever easier to harvest them. As a result, many of the ocean’s important ecosystems have been seriously degraded. In response over recent decades there have been significant advances in marine conservation policy—the actions and strategies that nations, communities, and individuals adopt to ensure the livelihood of human beings and the marine resources on which they depend. This module synthesizes marine conservation policy development, key principles (e.g., ecosystem management), major stakeholders, significant threats to marine ecosystems, and responses to some of these important issues.

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Theme: Conservation Policy

Language: English

Region: Global

Keywords: management, marine, policy, stakeholders, threats

Components: 4

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Synthesis: Marine Conservation Policy

Author: D. Suman



Exercise: Marine Conservation Policy

Author: D. Suman


This interactive exercise introduces students to the complexity of developing a multiple-user management plan. Students represent an individual from one of the following groups: the national or local government, direct marine or coastline resource users, advocacy representatives, or members of a social group. Once assigned, they research and develop their position, defend this argument during a meeting of the stakeholders, and produce a written proposal for a management plan based on the outcome of the meeting.


Presentation: Marine Conservation Policy

Author: D. Suman

Solutions: Marine Conservation Policy

Author: D. Suman