23 module Results


Agriculture and Biodiversity

Language: English     Also Available in: Spanish
Authors: L. Horrigan, D.R. Keeney, S. McKenzie, J.M. Burke, J.D. Margulies, et al.

Biological and Cultural Diversity: A Case Study of the Solomon Islands

Language: English
Authors: K.A. Landrigan, B.C. Weeks, E.B. Tupper

Marine Reserves and Local Fisheries-an Interactive Simulation

Language: English
Authors: E. Naro-Maciel, D.R. Brumbaugh

Sprawl and Biodiversity

Language: English
Authors: B.L. Lawrence, E.A. Johnson, M.W. Klemens, M. Marek, T. Jover

Stakeholder Analysis

Language: English
Authors: D. Vogler, S.K. Macey, A. Sigouin, U. Lemanski

Tetepare: Community Conservation in Melanesia

Language: English
Authors: J. Manioli, P. Pikacha, B.C. Weeks

Biodiversity Conservation and Human Health

Language: English     Also Available in: Spanish, French
Authors: A. Gómez, E. Nichols, K.A. Landrigan, S.J. Siller

Agricultura y Biodiversidad

Language: Spanish     Also Available in: English
Authors: L. Horrigan, J.D. Margulies, J.M. Burke, D.R. Keeney, R. Neff, et al.

Conservación de la Biodiversidad y Salud Humana

Language: Spanish     Also Available in: English, French
Authors: A. Gómez, E. Nichols

Evolución Humana y Biodiversidad

Language: Spanish     Also Available in: English
Authors: T. Cooper, I. Tattersall, C.I. Bohorquez

Réduction de la Pauvreté Rurale et Conservation de la Biodiversité

Language: French
Authors: J. Ratsisompatrarivo, J.J. Jaozandry

Conservation de la Biodiversité et Santé Humaine

Language: French     Also Available in: English, Spanish
Authors: A. Gómez, E. Nichols

Sustainable Wildlife Use in Tropical Forests [Lao]

Language: Lao
Authors: M. Rao, A. Johnson, K. Spence

Community Buzz: Conservation of Trees and Native Bees in Urban Areas

Language: English
Authors: T. Cornelisse, M. Weckel, A. Collins, S.K. Macey

Overexploitation of Parrots in the Neotropics

Language: English
Authors: A. Porzecanski, A. Bravo

Human-Wildlife Conflict: Assessing the Complexity of Stakeholder Perspectives

Language: English
Authors: L. Douglas, L. Cook, R.A. Smith

Finding a place for panthers: Mapping conservation issues related to Florida panthers

Language: English
Authors: J.S. Gosnell, D.P. Green, L. Akallal, C. Wepy, G. Laghiti, et al.
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