13 module Results


Applications of Remote Sensing to Ecological Modeling

Language: English
Authors: E. Fleishman, K. Seto

Conservation and Management of Fungi

Language: English
Authors: T.W. Osmundson

Great Lakes Under Stress: Invasive Species as Agents of Ecosystem Change

Language: English
Authors: J.F. Atkinson, H.M. Domske


Language: English     Also Available in: French
Authors: J. Cigliano

The Bats of Madagascar: A Conservation Challenge

Language: English
Authors: S.G. Cardiff, R.K.B. Jenkins

Freshwater Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Language: English
Authors: N.P. Hitt, L. Bonneau, K.V. Jayachandran, M. Marchetti

Introduction to Marine Conservation Biology

Language: English     Also Available in: French
Authors: T. Agardy, F. Staub, D.R. Brumbaugh, P.J. Ersts, E. Naro-Maciel, et al.

The Global Carbon Cycle: The Chemistry of Climate Change

Language: English     Also Available in: Spanish, French
Authors: W.H. Schlesinger, R. Eick, P.T. McPhearson, J.P. Gibbs

What is Biodiversity?

Language: English     Also Available in: Ukrainian, Spanish, French
Authors: I. Harrison, M.F. Laverty, E. Sterling, N. Bynum, G. Cullman, et al.

Bat Ecology, Conservation, and Bioacoustics

Language: English
Authors: S.K. Macey, J.A. Clark, S.J. Siller

Parasite Biodiversity

Language: English
Authors: D. Claar, A. Kuris, K. Leslie, R. Welicky, M. Williams, et al.
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