11 module Results


Conservation of Vernal Pools: Lessons from State and Local Action

Language: English
Authors: A.J.K. Calhoun, D.E. Morgan

How the West was Watered: A Case Study of the Colorado River

Language: English
Authors: E.C. Vintinner

International Treaties for Marine Conservation and Management

Language: English
Authors: R.S. Gnam, C. Klema, S. Whittaker, N. Bynum, T. Agardy, et al.

Marine Conservation Policy

Language: English     Also Available in: French
Authors: D. Suman

Marine Protected Areas and MPA Networks

Language: English     Also Available in: French
Authors: T. Agardy, F. Staub, E. Naro-Maciel, D.R. Brumbaugh

Sprawl and Biodiversity

Language: English
Authors: B.L. Lawrence, E.A. Johnson, M.W. Klemens, M. Marek, T. Jover

Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation II: Management and Effectiveness

Language: English     Also Available in: Ukrainian, Spanish
Authors: M. Rao, E. Naro-Maciel, E. Sterling

Communicating about Environmental Issues: A Great Lakes Case Study

Language: English
Authors: J. Elder, M. Farrior
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