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Amphibian Declines

Language: English     Also Available in: Spanish
Authors: R. Donnelly, J.R. Mendelson

Endangered Species Management

Language: English     Also Available in: Ukrainian, Spanish
Authors: C.P. McGowan, D.C. Kesler, M.R. Ryan

International Treaties for Marine Conservation and Management

Language: English
Authors: R.S. Gnam, C. Klema, S. Whittaker, N. Bynum, T. Agardy, et al.

Mysteries of an Ancient Mariner: The Endangered Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle

Language: English
Authors: E. Naro-Maciel, A.N. Mihnovets, M. Martin, K. Durham, T. Lii

San Juan La Selva Biological Corridor, Costa Rica

Language: English
Authors: D. McClearn

The Bats of Madagascar: A Conservation Challenge

Language: English
Authors: S.G. Cardiff, R.K.B. Jenkins
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