9 module Results


A Comprehensive Simulation of the Colorado River Basin: An Interactive Exercise

Language: English
Authors: N. Christensen, K. Wheeler, E.C. Vintinner, B.C. Weeks

Ecological Economics and Biodiversity

Language: English
Authors: J. Farley, M. Ceroni

The Importance of Invertebrate Biodiversity

Language: English
Authors: J.S. Schilling, S. Spector, E. Nichols, K. Beucke

Payments for Ecosystem Services: An Introduction and Case Study on Lao PDR

Language: English
Authors: M. Esbach, M. Hedemark

Biodiversity Conservation and Human Health

Language: English     Also Available in: Spanish, French
Authors: A. Gómez, E. Nichols, K.A. Landrigan, S.J. Siller

Why is Biodiversity Important?

Language: English     Also Available in: Spanish, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian
Authors: M.F. Laverty, E. Sterling, E.A. Johnson, J.P. Gibbs, G. Cullman
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