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NCEP's vision is a network of highly trained individuals effectively managing and sustaining the world's biological and cultural diversity. To achieve this, NCEP develops and disseminates open educational materials, and fosters an active approach to teaching and learning that models the realities of professional practice.

NCEP modules are resources for teachers. Designed to be flexible and adaptable teaching materials, they are tailored to the context where they will be used, using local languages and examples. To date, NCEP staff—together with collaborating individuals and institutions from around the world—have produced a set of core modules in English, Spanish, French, Lao, and Vietnamese. All NCEP modules are available free of charge for educational use, adaptation, and distribution.

Future conservation practitioners require expertise in skills such as professional communication, teamwork and cooperation, the ability to integrate diverse sources of information, and problem-solving. We are always looking for exciting non-NCEP teaching materials that engage student-active teaching techniques in an effort to improve training in biodiversity conservation. Please find additional conservation teaching resources here.