NCEP Professor of the Month – June 2010

NCEP is pleased to announce its June 2010 Professor of the Month, Dr. Beth Kaplin, of Antioch University New England in New Hampshire!

Dr. Kaplin is the Director of the Doctoral Program in the Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch and has been collaborating with NCEP on module development since the project’s early years.  In fact, her graduate students were among the first to test our modules, providing valuable feedback and critiques for the NCEP project, and in turn developing useful critical thinking skills themselves!  Beth is also a Technical Advisor for the Conservation Biology Education Project of the National University of Rwanda (NUR), a program designed to build capacity to teach conservation science in NUR’s Biology Department.  In this role, she has found NCEP materials—particularly Presentation notes and classroom-based Exercises—extremely useful, as one challenge NUR instructors face is the lack of teaching resources.  Beth specifically commented on the impact of two training events NCEP held for instructors and staff at NUR on active teaching techniques and incorporating NCEP modules into NUR curricula, noting: “NCEP has been an important partner in this endeavor in Rwanda”.

Beth and the NCEP team are eager to continue this partnership, and are currently developing a team of Rwandan instructors to adapt NCEP modules to the Albertine Rift context.  “I am very excited to expand the reach of NCEP into the Albertine Rift – I think the resources available in NCEP can offer a lot to the universities and training institutions in this region.”  Beth is pleased to report that NCEP module adaptation will be discussed at the October 2010 meeting of the Regional Network for Conservation Science in the Albertine Rift (RNCEAR)!  RNCEAR is composed of educators from universities and research institutions across the region.

Thank you Beth Kaplin – we are proud to call you June’s NCEP Professor of the Month!

Dr. Beth Kaplin, NCEP's June 2010 Professor of the Month

Dr. Beth Kaplin, NCEP's June 2010 Professor of the Month, leading a training session on natural history and primate ecology and conservation with park guides, park staff, and WCS staff in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda.


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