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CBC-AMNH/ Raoul Bain
NCEP Modules & Resources

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Systematics and Biodiversity Conservation
The Expansion of Conservation Genetics
Author: Rob DeSalle, George Amato
Conservation Genetics and the Extinction Crisis
Author: William Conway
Conservation Genetics in the Age of Genomics: Moving Toward a More Integrated Approach
Author: George Amato
Range Collapse, Population Loss, and the Erosion of Global Genetic Resources
Author: James P. Gibbs
Conservomics? The Role of Genomics in Conservation Biology
Author: George Amato, Rob DeSalle
A Toolbox for Conservation Genetics
Author: Francine Kershaw
Systematics and Taxonomy
Author: Daniel Ksepka, Kristin Lamm

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• Sistemática y Conservación de la Biodiversidad (Spanish)